Felix Alexander : The Secret of Heaven

The Secret of Heaven

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When investment banker Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. In possession of an encrypted letter given to him by Lazzaro, Aiden utilizes his extensive knowledge of Scripture to piece together clues that lead to a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ.

Hidden within the text is an ancient truth about the most controversial message Jesus left to His disciples. But as Aiden embarks on his quest to unravel the mystery of redemption and faith, a secret organization known only as The Group hunts him down to destroy the Lost Bible and tie up loose ends.

With the help of his fiancé Dr. Miriam Levin—a cultural anthropologist and a professor of historical archaeology in her own right, their friend Nagi, a philologist, religious historian and an eccentric cryptographer, Aiden soon realizes the Lost Bible was written by the only disciple who walked with Jesus and had his gospel omitted from Scripture.

Things are further complicated when a mysterious stranger warns Aiden that possessing the secret of heaven could cost him his life. Pursued by the F.B.I. for the ancient Black market relic and the Chicago PD in connection to the murder of Lazzaro de Medici, Aiden races against the clock to prove his innocence and fulfill his mentor’s dying wish.

Expose the secret of heaven...

Editorial Reviews

***Online Book Club Official Review***

Who could resist a novel overflowing with secret organizations, corrupt government officials, and religious conspiracies? In his action-packed thriller, The Secret of Heaven, Felix Alexander explores the repercussions of a lost bible and how lives are impacted because of the choices of one murdered man.

With his dying breath, Lazzaro de Medici whispered, "Expose the secret of heaven" to his one trusted friend: Aiden Leonardo. So with an encrypted letter and an obligation to his older mentor, Aiden evaded the FBI, Chicago PD, and a secret organization to uncover the truth behind his friend's murder. As time begins to run out, Aiden discovers that more than just his life is at stake. The lost bible could uproot the views of every religious group in the world.

Although the plot was well-developed, the book needed to be edited. In the first chapter alone there were missing words, added words, and wrong words, which made it very difficult to read and understand. I cringed every time the word "wheelchair" came up because it was two words (wheel chair) in the book. The abundance of grammatical errors wasn't the only thing that forced me to reread pages. There were times that I was so confused I had to take a break from reading to clear my mind. I had no idea who was talking (or thinking) because in the middle of the page the viewpoint would be changed to a new character. It sometimes made it very difficult to follow their train of thought.

With these flaws being brought to light, I believe that the book has a lot of potential. It was fast-paced and non-stop action. At every turn, the characters were uncovering new clues or delving deeper into conspiracy. Right when I thought I knew what was going to happen, a character would do the unexpected or flip sides. I enjoyed the controlled chaos that the author described during action scenes and the constant battle between good and evil. It kept the reader guessing on whom to trust, which always makes a story more exciting and unpredictable.

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