FamilySignal : Digital Parenting Answers: Expert Advice and Insight You Can Use Now

Digital Parenting Answers: Expert Advice and Insight You Can Use Now

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expert advice and insight for parents, Yalda Uhls, Daniel J. Siegel, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Jim Fay

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How much time is too much to spend staring at a screen? What do teenagers do on their phones, anyway? Are they asking important life questions on the Internet that a parent would rather answer?

"Digital Parenting Answers," FamilySignal’s free e-book on teenagers and cellphones, which will answer many of your questions in one place. We spoke to experts in family communication, technology and education and compiled important research for parents looking for insight into how teens use smartphones, how they affect their lives, and how they change the family dynamic.

In this book, you'll learn:

• What are teenagers Googling that parents should know about? A landmark study this year showed that 84percent of youths were asking serious health questions online about drugs, weight loss, STDs and more.

• Is there a way for children to hide inappropriate media on an iPhone? The e-book names 12 common “photo vault” apps that look like a simple utility, such as a calculator, but in fact conceal secret photo and video libraries.

• How does a parent’s own cellphone use impact ground rules for children? An expert on family communication told FamilySignal, “Children aren’t going to make the distinction between what’s OK for them and what’s OK for their parents.”

“Digital Parenting Answers” also includes a guide to iPhone parental controls, a glossary of common Internetacronyms, the latest research on how teens and tweens use screen media, and expert insight on cellphones in the classroom, bullying and the impact on media use on physical health.

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