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What if there was a better way for families to keep in touch, and for parents to be sure their children were safe?

In 2011, our founder launched FamilySignal to answer that question, and today our mission remains the same: to improve family communication through location-based applications that add value to people’s lives.

FamilySignal is the best family locator for iPhone, and with it, families can see one another’s real-time location on a map. The app is the first compatible with beacons — small add-on devices that provide hyperaccurate location data — for more precise location alerts, such as when someone enters or exits a car. FamilySignal also includes features like On My Way for a real-time ETA, Touch Base for location-based check-ins and a panic button for emergencies, giving a sense of security and peace of mind for parents.

Thousands of people have seen how FamilySignal can change their family dynamic for the better. To learn more, visit or email