Fabrice Sapolsky + Tom Lyle : BLACK BOX#1 (of 3)

BLACK BOX#1 (of 3)

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America was built on secrets. It's high time to uncover them!

Maryland, nowadays. Ulysses "Uli" Troy works at the White House Storage facility. No one knows the exact location of the warehouse where all the furniture ever bought or given to the Presidents of the United States in the last 200 years is stored. The USA sees the furniture as strategic with high historical values, hence the maximum security and mystery surrounding this place. On any given Monday, new stuff is delivered to the White House storage.While trying to find room for a piece of art, Uli hears a familiar voice. And he discovers THE BLACK BOX.That wooden piece of furniture holds the key to all the secrets of the Presidents of the United States since George Washington!

How? Why? Uli, helped by a political journalist, Tanya Yen and a sound engineer, Eduardo Serra, will try to crack the BLACK BOX's secrets.

Created by FABRICE SAPOLSKY (Spider-Man Noir, One-Hit Wonder) and TOM LYLE (Spider-Man, Robin) with colors by SEB LAMIRAND (Tessa, Lanfeust), BLACK BOX is an action-adventure-political-thriller series unlike any other!

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