FATIMA Abdallah : Finding Maryama

Finding Maryama

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About the BookThe book is the chilling story of the journey of a career woman towards self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Maryama resides at Amazon Estate, the kind of apartment everyone dreams about—on a nice street, in a serene neighborhood. But, as she settleds into life with her new husband, Yusuffa. But, suddenly, she discovered a series of deceptions, and, one June night, while Yusuffa was away, tragedy began to destroy Maryama’s life.

Maryama seems to always be in the wrong relationships for the right reasons. Too concerned for others and unable to chart a course for her life, she is continuously perplexed with how indifferent the world is. Will she continue staying shocked at the lack of emotions displayed by the people she holds close to her heart, or will she define herself, set her own goals and move on with her life?

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