E'yen A. Gardner : In the Morning

In the Morning

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Bishop TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Bruce Wilkinson

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In the Morning takes you on a 12 hour journey from the dark "night" to "daybreak." A breakthrough is awaiting you on the other side!

Brace yourself for the ride of your life! You will take an hour by hour journey through the "night," until the "morning!"

Each hour will bring new challenges like fear, doubt and anger, as well as new gifts and blessings such as joy, peace, faith and hope. You will learn how to fully receive the promises of God from the process of waiting and realize that the purpose of the darkness is not to destroy you but to transform you. The journey is not easy and your faith will be tried but if you can endure one more "night," you will walk into a new life!

Unlike any other, this book chronicles the most important hours the world has ever witnessed; in Jesus Christ's last 12 hours, a fresh perspective of the journey He took to Calvary is documented. You will see, not only how every step and every act was purposeful in bringing salvation and change to all, but also how His final acts before Calvary is directly connected to the journey we take in our lives.

Editorial Reviews

"When I first started reading this book I though it was a little out of my genre but I won it here so I read it. I ended up loving this book and thought it would make a great personal retreat book. You read it from night till morning over the course of a day. There are many challenges for you to think about." Jeanine - Goodreads.com

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