ERIC ERDEK : Espresso Detective Comic No. 1

Espresso Detective Comic No. 1

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This comic is a high octane, cafe racer, espresso shot with a lightning bolt chaser of a ride.

If you have a taste for Noir Crime/Supernatural fiction, here’s what’s on THE MENU:


- A full serving of hot, deep fried, two-fisted, anti-hero, rescue-complex, Casanova action!


- Of white-knuckle, roller coaster rush of real world horror, muscle-bound heroics.

- Self-deprecating humor, hot cars, cool café racer bikes, beautiful empowered women and Blues music!


- Metaphysical super powers, separate realities, heartbreak, and good old fashioned fun a la mode.

Pack all that down with an espresso shot of stereotype busting with a lemon zest twist!

(please don't forget to tip the waitress, the comic is FREE.)

“Literature has a new Great Latin Lover… and he’s a Dick.”

Editorial Reviews

  • "Reading this comic would be as effective as flossing for removing plaque." - 4 out of 5 dentists.
  • Thousands of Latino fans can be quoted as saying: "Que?!"
  • Hip baristas the world over shrug in apathy at this comic.
  • "It's a kick in the espresso beans! I regret nothing!" - the Author.

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