Jessica Johannsen : Annabelle’s Awakening

Annabelle’s Awakening

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Romance, Fiction

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Jade West, Alexa Riley, Sierra Cartwright, Scott Hildreth, K. D. Grace

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Annabelle boards The Cruise ship and her life will never be the same . . .

Annabelle watches from the comfort of her bed as her life crumbles and falls apart, avoiding the phone, avoiding the questions. What can she say except that her husband has left her behind in the dust; a younger model has caught his eye.

The thought of revenge is the only thing that has gotten her out of bed in weeks, and then her best friend pushes her for more.

The Cruise seems like the place where, if she can't mend her broken heart, she can at least have some no-strings attached fun. When she meets Reuben though, common sense seems to take a back seat to her fantasy. But what happens when her fantasy takes control?

It’s going to be more than a wild ride at the turn of every page of The Cruise Series II, Book 1…

Editorial Reviews

“Jessica Johannsen is back with her Cruise Series II ready to take you on another
journey of pure carnal pleasure and sensual adventures. This first book of the
second series opens you up to a gentle and carefree ride of unlimited
possibilities in everyone’s dream vacation.

The story opens
up with a middle-aged married woman, Annabelle, out to rediscover herself after
learning of her remorseless husband’s explicit extra-marital affairs. Opting
not to sulk in the misery of her marriage, Annabelle rekindles a relationship
and flirts even more with new encounters. Her hands are on deck now with her
temporary freedom.

Miss Johannsen
surely knows how to tickle her readers with her subtle grip and all of a sudden
loud, visual and explorative depiction of steamy actions. Her narrative
tastefully undresses every word or phrase and ushers you to the most
pleasurable articles ever!”, October 23, 2014.

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