Erik Arneson : All Alone

All Alone

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8 pages

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3 November 2014



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If you think politics is dirty today, it was worse – much worse – in 1951 Philadelphia.

Oscar Cain, an imposing man who works for the Mayor, spends his days visiting businesses across Philadelphia and glad-handing the owners – threatening them when necessary – to make sure they pay proper respect. Preferably in the form of cash donations.

Written by Erik Arneson, ALL ALONE takes place in Philadelphia on a single day: October 29, 1951. At the time, Philadelphia was at the center of political scandal after political scandal. Things were so bad that on October 29, just days before an election to choose a new mayor, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an editorial – on the front page, no less – with this headline: "Ward Boss Rule A Blight on City:Vote to Smash It!"

Dillon Samuelson's wonderful cover art pays tribute to the pulp magazines of the early 20th century – in particular Black Mask, which ceased publication in 1951.

ALL ALONE is a 4,500-word short story.

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