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Bestselling author Eric Z gives you all the tools and tips to making your Ebooks with totally FREE software.

This ebook is packed with links to all of the resources.

You can start building your book empire right now - TODAY! -- and you should!

This book is hyperlinked to all the resources you need to build your book.

You even get a FREE Ebook template that has been used by BESTSELLING authors!

I want you to finish your EBook — now!

My method is the quickest and easiest way for a TOTAL BEGINNER to get professional results — period.

Included: The Free Bestseller Template

Included: The BEST Title Creator on the market!

A FREE Video course teaching you how to format and build your book for Kindle.

FREE membership to Zbooks and all the resources you need!

I give you ALL YOU NEED to finish your Ebook and start your Authoring Career!


Editorial Reviews

See what beginners and pro's are saying:

"Hi Eric, I follow you since your posts on themillionnairefastlaneforum I'm a french author, and my first kindle book hit #1 My second book is doing great also. It's also thanks to your experience, i get great ideas, so thank you :)" --

Bestselling Author Jean-Yves Ponce (Uses Zbooks templates!)

"Hi Eric! Thanks for what are you doing!... ...I wish there are more and more people like you on this planet. Tell me please how I can enter in your helping team. I simply love helping writers. Best Regards," -- M.C. Simon Author of "Feng Shui for Writers"

"Eric has mentored my book from a mere idea in my head, to something that will make me money, Your the best Eric!" -- Ben Weider

"...your videos have been really instrumental in getting me to write my first eBook. Your ideas with google docs and how to make a cover have been useful even the the app ideas have been helpful." -- Johnny Fromm

"Your content is great. The HowTo-Template brought some serious big-picture-structure in the chaos I call my outline!" -- Dwight

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