Eric Sanchez : Anthemic: The Expression of Divine

Anthemic: The Expression of Divine

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Arts & Entertainment , Religion & Spirituality

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Francis Chan, Charles Spurgeon, Nabeel Qureshi, Sarah Young, Levi Lusko

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January 15, 2016



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Many have their opinions. Many have their arguments, objections and doubts. But all of these are rendered irrelevant when one truly encounters the divine for themselves. There are those who have found this unspeakable gift in life that is more precious than existence itself. This gift is a person. To those that believe in His name it is revealed by the Holy Spirit that He is everything. Christ is a taste of living beauty in a world where sometimes it is hard to even go on another day - He is God’s own answer to the above question, for the whole world to know.

Anthemic: The Expression of Divine represents many things. It is a response to the perfection and supremacy of Christ. It is also a document of one’s journey with God. With its pilgrimage between visceral crying out to the Unseen God and deep expressions of eternity and faith, it reflects the unique and sacred relationship humanity has with God in Christ. It unashamedly says to the world that Jesus Christ is Lord, unto the glory of the Father. Prayers, meditations and biblical truth weave together as a modern-day hymnal of fresh and enduring songs for God and His heritage. In all of this is an invitation for the reader to partake in the fulfilled Promise of God that provides for us joy, peace, righteousness, eternal life, and victory - regardless of all earthly circumstances.

Editorial Reviews

"In Anthemic: The Expression of Divine, Eric Sanchez shares a courageous, honest and freeing faith and certainty, making this a beautiful and profound book. I found it inspirational and encouraging and it is sure to speak to Christians and those seeking spiritual encouragement in life."

Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers' Favorite

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