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SINS of the Rex Book 1

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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JA Huss, Penelope Sky, Aleatha Romig, Karina Halle, Addison Cain

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***Please Note: Book 1 now includes Parts 1-4***

It’s complicated, dark, and nothing is as it seems.

My name is Barrett Schaefer and I thought I knew myself. And then I met Flynn Campbell. The mystery and danger surrounding him called to me. He changed my wants, my needs, my life.

Love can destroy a person.

So can death.

Ethics. Morals. Honor.

They have no place in my new world.

My name is Barrett Schaefer.

Who will I be when this is over?

WARNING: SINS of the Rex is a non-traditional DARK, ROMANTIC SUSPENSE told in serial format. It is not intended for sensitive readers.

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