Emma Alisyn : Liam's Bride

Liam's Bride

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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T.S. Joyce, Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh

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Will Alpha Bear Liam discover his curvy mate’s dark secret and abandon her… and their baby?

Gardening teacher Meredith needs the new owner of the old YWCA building to renew her lease. Her non-profit after school program can’t fund a more expensive location. Steeling herself for a confrontation, she discovers the owner is Liam Conroy, the Alpha Bear whose father was murdered fifteen years ago… by her father, newly released from prison and living in her home. And even though she promised herself she would never get involved with a Bear, she finds herself attracted to Liam, unable to distance herself from the tall, handsome Alpha. Liam’s Bear wants the woman. Curvy, gentle and courageous, this beautiful woman is an answer to the demand for ten Bears in each Den to find human brides, immediately, solving a genetic problem threatening the survival of their people. Liam the man also wants her, but senses she is hiding something from him. Something from both their pasts that will rise up and destroy their fledgling matebond. If Liam and Meredith can’t be honest, can’t fight to maintain their love, then Liam will lose his mate, and their baby. A 41K standalone steamy werebear shifter romance suited for readers who like BBW and tall, dark and handsome alpha males. First in the Clan Conroy Bears series.

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