Dylan Higgins : Stirring, The Emblem & The Lantern, Book Two

Stirring, The Emblem & The Lantern, Book Two

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Religion & Spirituality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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George MacDonald, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Andrew Peterson

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210 pages




Hill Harow

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Ethan and Eisley Lambent have been on an adventure wrought with danger! The monstrous Smarr is imprisoned but the mysterious creatures called Ancients have warned the twins that Smarr will not be held captive for long. Even more mysterious is the Ancients' revelation that the Lambents will play a larger role in the coming events!

Now that light has come to the once darkened land of Gloam, Eisley wants to go to the Gloamers. But, Ethan is considering a decision that would lead him down a different path than his sister!

Editorial Reviews

"This could prove to be one of the major fantasy works of our time." - Southside Book Reviews

"J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis set in a Tolkien world." - Michael Sherrard, Pastor and Author of Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth.

"Childlike but never childish, stirring the heart and exciting the dormant adventurer in us all." - Artery Bloggage

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