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As a young girl, Elizabeth Gracen found herself often escaping into the world of make believe. Her eccentric grandmother—a would-be witch who read palms and invented wild stories about good fairies who battled an army of evil spiders in her attic—gave her the gift of imagination, a gift she has always treasured.

Years later, after traveling the world as Miss America 1982, Elizabeth discovered the craft of acting to channel her vivid imagination, most notably as Amanda in the fantasy series, HIGHLANDER. After the birth of her daughter, she became a filmmaker and launched FLAPPER FILMS—a production company dedicated to creating inspiring content for multi-generational women.

Elizabeth spends her time between Europe and America and happily juggles the role of mother, business owner, filmmaker, and author. She lives with her husband, her ten-year old daughter, three dogs, and an attic full of fairies. SHALILLY is her debut novel.