Elizabeth Barone : Twisted Broken Strings

Twisted Broken Strings

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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If she lets him into her band, she’ll have to let him into her heart.

Koty Jackson wanted to be a rock star, not a singer in the boy band ESX. When he finds out that Jett Costa is looking for a new guitarist and vocalist for her band, Perpetual Smile, Koty is determined to get his demo to her label. But his agent thinks he’s crazy, and when he runs into Jett for a late-night television interview, she tells him that she’ll never allow him in her band.

Jett Costa wasn’t looking for love. After losing the love of her life and the man who helped her build Perpetual Smile from the ground up, all she wants to do is get through their tour in one piece. She never thought she would let a boy band singer in her band—and she also didn’t think she would fall in love with him.

But if things stay the way they are, neither of them will ever get ahead in their careers. Somehow, they've got to come to an agreement—or they'll both fall into obscurity.

Note: Twisted Broken Strings was originally published as the ESX series of novelettes (Amplified, Tempo, Bridge, Pitch, and Coda) in 2014, and re-published in 2015 as Playing for You. It is the prequel to the South of Forever series.

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