Elin Peer : The Accidental Slave

The Accidental Slave

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Susan Elizabeth Philips, J.L. Drake, Nora Roberts, Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh

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March 13, 2016



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If you like raw emotion, fast-paced stories, and characters that are imperfect and real, then you are going to love this contemporary romantic drama.

Aya Johansen is a young nurse working with refugees in a war zone, when she's captured by fanatical religious warriors. She's determined to break free, even if it means compromising her own values and starting a relationship with one of her kidnappers.

Kato wants to do the right thing, but helping Aya could cost him his life - and he's smart enough to know that if she ever escapes he'll never see her again. That alone makes it impossible to let her go.

Will Aya be able to convince him to free her before she's branded and sold as a slave? And if she achieves the impossible, can she ever live a normal life again and forget about Kato?

The Accidental Slave is a stand-alone novel and the first book in Elin Peer's Slave series. Readers say it's impossible to put down and call it: "Gripping, dark, funny, sad, exciting, and sexy all rolled into one."

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