eChurch : Why 80% Don't Give:  Becoming a Church Led By Generosity

Why 80% Don't Give: Becoming a Church Led By Generosity

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In church - one of the toughest problems to tackle is the one of participation.

Whether it be financially or in volunteering of time, statistics show that only about 20% of people will participate consistently. In our research, we found that there are typically four main barriers to participation for that remaining 80%. In this book, we dive into the problems and propose a few solutions to overcome them.

Quick excerpt from the introduction:

"The reason we chose the nautical star as the primary symbol for this project, pictured above and throughout this book, is because it “represents a traveler’s way home whenever they were lost in life or travel.” (Wikipedia) There’s a busyness to life, endless distractions, but each of us also has that desire to return home, to find the true purpose for our life. This book is an exploration into the journey of consistent generosity, a discussion of the common obstacles to financial participation, and commentary about what churches can do to overcome them. Our hope is that in reading this you become a church led by outrageous generosity - Removing barriers, making it easy to participate, and helping weary travelers find their way home."

In this ebook you will learn:

  • Why only 20% of the church actively gives of their time and money
  • How to identify roadblocks that get in the way of participation
  • Simple ways to establish or re-establish trust and credibility
  • How to build a church characterized by generosity
  • Ways technology can be used to enhance the giving experience

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