Drew Nelson : Original Intent (Parts 1 & 2)

Original Intent (Parts 1 & 2)

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In Drew Nelson’s debut novel, Original Intent, North Carolina history meets a page-turning thriller. The novel reimagines the Revolutionary-era death of James Wilson, one of the principal authors of the Constitution, and weaves the fictional account of his death into a political plot based in present-day Washington, DC.

Description of the Novel

Judge William Iredell had political enemies. But it was an ally that poisoned him – on the same evening Iredell secured a seat on the United States Supreme Court. Reluctantly pulled to DC to represent an old friend accused of the Iredell poisoning, attorney Mark Ellis finds himself at the center of an expanding circle of seemingly unrelated crimes. As he’s drawn deeper into the mystery, Ellis follows the trail of Iredell’s murderer into the cold rooms of federal prison, through the shadows of Revolutionary history, and down the marbled halls of Congress, until he is ultimately brought face-to-face with an unsolved murder from his own past. At the same time, Judge Iredell’s hastily executed poisoning sets the lives of John Baker, a Southern prosecutor, and Noah Augusteel, a uniquely trained clandestine operative, on an unavoidable collision course. Although each man has a compelling reason to distrust the other two, Baker, Augusteel, and Mark Ellis are forced into an uneasy alliance as they pursue William Iredell’s killer.

Editorial Reviews

"I was recommended this book by a friend of mine, and my goodness this book was fantastic. After the first two chapters, I could see how myriad of story lines were weaving together...I just couldn't figure out how or why. Once I got started, I couldn't put the book down. There were times I couldn't turn pages fast enough. I was eager to figure out what was happening, and then going to happen, as the story progressed." - Amazon.com Reviewer

"Original Intent blends the genres of historical fiction, legal thriller, and political intrigue in a completely unique way. The storyline begins in 1783, with the emergence of a shadowy organization whose goal is to shape the way the constitution is interpreted. Forward a few hundred years, and the same clandestine organization continues to use any means necessary to reach their political and idealistic goals. This novel will appeal to readers of The DaVinci Code or John Grisham, as well as those who enjoy a good political conspiracy theory." - Amazon.com Reviewer

"I don't think I have ever read a book that got my heart racing like this one did, especially at the end when you aren't sure whether the plot conceived by the small group of people trying to expose what has been going on within the government and secret societies will be successful." - Amazon.com Reviewer

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