Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery : Get Healthy for Life: The 9 Secret Pillars of Health to Live a Longer, Stronger, and Energetic Life

Get Healthy for Life: The 9 Secret Pillars of Health to Live a Longer, Stronger, and Energetic Life

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“Get Healthy for Life” is The Ultimate Prescription and Practical Solution for Living Disease-free.

This book can save your life!

In it, Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery reveals the 9 secret pillars of health to live a longer, stronger, and energetic life. You will probably never read about these pillars in any other book or learn about them from your doctor but they are the cornerstone secrets to vibrant wellbeing, longevity, and disease prevention. This unique program has revolutionized the health of Dr. Cooper-Dockery’s patients, many of whom are now disease-free. Others are enjoying better health on fewer medications.

The book is evidence-based with health and nutritional facts, research summaries, and impacting stories that will inspire you to take decisive action to reach your goal of true and lasting health. It not only emphasizes healthy nutrition and regular physical exercise, but you will also learn other foundational principles necessary to promote wellness and healing, such as:

  • Healing from nature. The influence of sunlight on depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.
  • Healing with timely rest. The importance of sleep in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.
  • The need for access to healthcare screenings.
  • The impact of social relationships, happiness, optimism, and faith on your overall health.

Editorial Reviews

"As a family physician, I acknowledge the importance of delivering health information in a very simple way. To get healthy does not mean to navigate a complex medical system, or to use the most recent medications as many times portrayed in the media. To be healthy consists in following practical steps as presented in this book by Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery. I strongly encourage everybody to engage in reading this book. Hope you enjoy it, and concurrently get healthy." – Ubaldo Salazar, M.D. Family Practice Physician

“Dr. Cooper-Dockery has brilliantly crafted a tool that if you take the time to understand it and use for yourself, your family, and your institution, you could live smarter, longer, healthier, happier, save a bundle of money, and in the process, help secure your retirement.” – Errol B. Bryce, M.D., FACP. President, New Steps to Health; Adj. Asst. Professor of Medicine, UNT HSC

“After reading Dr. Cooper-Dockery’s Get Healthy for Life, I came to two incredible conclusions: The medical establishment and the drug companies will hate it and the reader will love it. The book empowers people to live a longer and healthier life and teaches individuals how to lead a lifestyle that can in most cases free them from prescription medications and dangerous and expensive medical procedures. The application of the health principles stated in this book can prevent and reverse many diseases, helping everybody to protect their most valuable assets: their physical and mental health.” – Silmar Cristo, M.D. Founder and Director, Health 4D International

“This book is a practical reminder to us that most of our health challenges, both at a personal and societal level, can be easily overcome with changes in our personal habits and lifestyle. In her easy to read and practical approach to this subject as well as with scientific validity, Dr. Cooper-Dockery not only informs but also inspires her readers to reach beyond the usual medical interventions into their vast internal potential to achieve optimum health and superior function.” – Naren James, M.D., FAAFP. Medical Director, Bluegrass Clinic, Stanford, KY

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