D. R. Bell : The Outer Circle

The Outer Circle

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Politics & Current Events

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The Outer Circle is the last book in The Counterpoint trilogy. It brings together the characters of The Metronome and The Great Game to conclude their stories. It’s 2024 and the world is divided, pitting the United States against the combined forces of China and Russia. In China, domestic unrest pushes the leadership to act against Taiwan. In Russia, under the surface a power struggle is brewing. Such is the backdrop of the U.S. presidential elections where the established parties face a challenge from unexpected political newcomers.The two heroes of The Great Game, now fugitives, discover that not everything is what it seems and someone invisible is pulling the strings behind the scenes. But can they stop the events set into motion before the world slides into a war?

Editorial Reviews

As the last book in the trilogy, The Outer Circle will best be enjoyed by prior readers who will find the initial premise, characters and setting all play out to a gripping conclusion. The book is set in the near future of 2024, two years after the The Great Game concluded. The story opens with the scenario of the 'big three' (the U.S., Russia and China) locked in a deadly game of international struggle as the U.S. Presidential elections loom. But those who come upon The Outer Circle and presume its timeframe translates to a dystopian science fiction piece might be surprised to learn that it's actually a political thriller, taking today's circumstances and moving them outward to their logical conclusions.

Bell's ability to take the ordinary facets of modern times and translate them into one future possibility is part of what lends The Outer Circle such realism and strength. The other lies in its political savvy, which deftly outlines high-level national associations, rationales for actions, and individual choices in the matter; all based on historical precedent. Without giving away the story line, suffice it to say that as a political thriller steeped in action and insight, The Outer Circle's story is difficult to put down. Just when the reader believes they have the entire picture, something else enters to give everything a twist and a new perspective. The readers will find its premises realistic and the characters believable as they roll through an involving story packed with underlying messages on privacy, surveillance, interconnected worlds and uncertain political and economic world alliances.

D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review and Editor, California Bookwatch

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