D. R. Bell : The Great Game

The Great Game

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Politics & Current Events

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After years of patient preparation, a block of countries led by China and Russia stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Fortunes are made and lost in a matter of hours. But some have more far-ranging plans than financial gain.Computer engineer David Ferguson has no idea that a chance meeting with a friendly stranger in the airport will change everything. Suddenly, he is running for his life, without knowing why or from whom. In trying to evade his pursuers, David accidentally involves Maggie Sappin, a graduate student and a transplant from Kiev. To save themselves, they have to uncover the reasons behind a financial crisis and political upheaval that followed. From Los Angeles to Texas, Kiev, Moscow, and New York, the body count mounts along with the layers of deception as two innocent people become key players in—The Great Game.

This is a work of fiction. But what are presented in the story as facts of the time of writing are indeed facts in real life. And if some elements look hard to imagine, back in the early 1980s one would have been laughed at for suggesting that in a few short years people would be dancing on top of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union would be no longer.While The Great Game has originally been conceived as a stand-alone work, it is now the middle book in The Counterpoint trilogy. The prequel, called The Metronome, has been published in August of 2014. The sequel, called The Outer Circle, will be published in April of 2015. The Great Game and The Metronome are largely independent, with only a minor overlap amongst the characters. The Outer Circle brings the heroes of the two earlier books together to conclude their journey.

Editorial Reviews

The Great Game is an international intrigue and thriller piece and is a strong recommendation for readers who enjoy cat-and-mouse games ... one might think such a thriller would revolve around the CIA and other agent clashes, but that's one of the delights of The Great Game: its primary protagonist is a computer engineer with no prior ties to politics. Add a waitress Maggie who unwittingly becomes involved and a series of murders that draw ever closer to two ordinary individuals not well versed in either politics or espionage, and you have a riveting story line cemented by very strong, believable protagonists.

Connecting the political to personal realms is a challenging achievement: too often either the politics aren't properly explored, or the protagonists assume one-dimensional proportions in comparison to the wider political arena. Not so in The Great Game, which gives equal attention to both and so creates a novel filled with action, intrigue, and the concerns of two persons who find themselves playing a game they never asked for or thought about. How do ordinary individuals become extraordinary? How can simple lives be changed by complicated circumstances? And how can even those with no special abilities rise to meet life-changing challenges from outside forces? All these facets and more make The Great Game a satisfyingly-complex novel that engages the reader in just one battle of what will ultimately prove a greater war. Any who want a vivid, fast-paced adventure story will find its characters and action more than a cut above the ordinary.

D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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