Dr. Aaron Wenzel : Weight Loss Hacks

Weight Loss Hacks

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Weight loss is an increasingly misunderstood art these days.

With a new article going viral everyday about the “10 best ways to shrink your waist line” or “3 month eating plan to look good in a bathing suit,” we have become inundated with bad science and even worse tactics.

Written by a long-time physician, Weight Loss Hacks is full of practical tips backed by years of exploring the real science behind weight loss. Whether you’re looking to lose 2 Ibs or 200, these “hacks” will confront common myths and deal with your psychology, behaviors, biochemistry, and nutrition—all of which are vitally important to your journey towards health.

Download this book to learn:

  • • Common myths about weight loss
  • • How to eat better, not less
  • • What little things to focus on when losing weight, rather than trying to change your lifestyle all at once
  • • The smaller-than-you-think place fitness plays in weight loss
  • • Psychological tricks to weight loss
  • • What food to avoid and which to make friend with
  • • The "20%" of your lifestyle to focus on when trying to lose weight
  • • The first step to take, today.

2015 is a new year. Don't waste another one not building your weight loss programs on real science and practical help!

Download this eBook now!

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