Don The Idea Guy : 100-WHATS of Creativity

100-WHATS of Creativity

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Jeffrey Gitomer, Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Gary Vaynerchuk, Hugh MacLeod

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144 pages





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February 27, 2009



About the Book    About the Author

Filled with questions that are calculated to whack your thinking in weird, fresh and unusual directions -- and help you to power your way through the creative blocks that may be stifling your thinking.

Each page is devoted to a single "What if" question, along with several paragraphs of ancillary what-ifs to help you to apply it to your creative challenge.

Examples include:

  • What if... it made noise?
  • What if... it was a candy bar?
  • What if... it had an attitude?
  • What if... your idea had a theme song?

These questions are aimed at helping you to clearly visualize the nature, aspects and elements of your creative challenge -- its "personality," if you will. This is the first step toward generating ideas about the subject. What-Ifs are interspersed with short quotes from Don The Idea Guy which are designed to encourage you on your creative thinking journey.

Editorial Reviews

Everyone wants more of them, but they're not that easy to come by. Unless... you know how to train yourself, and think, about how to come up with them. That's what this book does. Stuck? Need inspiration? This book will get your brain moving to a place where you can come up with new and exciting ideas that can boost your brand or business. Buy this book for a quick and easy, and fun read, then be amazed at the ideas you come up with during, and after.

~Jim Kukral

Don "The Idea Guy" provides a solid base of questions to get you moving on your idea. You can use these questions all day, every day and apply them to many different types of problems and opportunities. I'll treat this book as a reference, keeping it by my side as I seek to innovate.

~Jim Canterucci

I had no idea what to expect when I came across this book. All I knew is I needed a dose of fresh. And this delivered more fresh than mountain air.If you're stuck in a rut or challenged by a scenario and want to double down and impress those around you with your incredible ability to think outside the box, this is a manual for life that should never leave your side. Impressive stuff!

~Dave Thackeray

When I bought this book I was feeling very Stale to be honest. It simply took a couple of pages of this book to get the creative juices flowing again. This book can be applied to any career or situation for that matter. It shows you how to open your mind to any out come from any situation. I think the Idea Guy truley is the Van Gogh of open ended questioning.

~Paul Endicot

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