Dom LaRay : A Million Heartbreaks

A Million Heartbreaks

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SoZo Ink LLC

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December 7, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

A Million Heartbreaks is the heart wrenching and anger provoking chronicle of Basil Jones’s journey through parental neglect by a crack addicted mother and sexual abuse from a family rampant with a sexual abuse history. The abuse wasn’t just from within the family, it came from neighbors and babysitters as well.

Editorial Reviews

"A Million Heartbreaks was a very intense read leaving the reader on the edge of an emotional cliff. I loved how the Author allowed the character Basil Jones to tell the story without forcing the details. I would like to known about the family Basil came from and seen more interaction with Carla but overall, I give this book 4 stars." - Jamison Grant

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