David Wind : Prelude To Nevaeh: Roth

Prelude To Nevaeh: Roth

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Fantasy, Fiction

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Fantasy and Suspense, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, Robert Ludlum, James Paterson

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31 pages



Publication Date

February 2015



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Part I of The Prequel to the Epic Fantasy Series, Tales Of Nevaeh. PRELUDE TO NEVAEH: ROTH is a short story and prequel to Born To Magic, Tales Of Nevaeh, Volume I, giving the background as to how and why Nevaeh came to be, of how Roth found Nevaeh, and of how the people and animals of Nevaeh evolved. This is the story of Solomon Roth, and how he came to Nevaeh.


Editorial Reviews

Prelude to understanding and enjoyment. 5 Stars E. I. HOOD (Amazon Review)

Read this one first ! You will be glad you did.I rarely have had the opportunity to read the prequel before reading the book or series. This was a treat and is making my enjoyment and understanding of the first book in the series multiply tenfold .The author has a style of writing that paints pictures in my mind. I see the characters and what they see as if on a TV screen. There are few authors today about whom I can say this.

A great beginning to a great story 5 Stars By Nicholas C. Rossis (Amazon Review)

Having already read book 1, I was familiar with both the series premise and the main characters. Prelude to Nevaeh reads like an extended introduction to the main character, Solomon Roth, and his 3,000 year-long journey to the world of Nevaeh. The only thing not to like about it was its short length, as I would have loved a novel-sized book with the tale of how Roth united Nevaeh under his Dominion. Hopefully, some day Wind will share this story as well.

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