David Wind : A Conspiracy Of Mirrors

A Conspiracy Of Mirrors

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Fantasy and Suspense, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, Robert Ludlum, James Paterson

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In a safe house in France, in 1947, the young wife of a top American agent has just given birth when masked operatives burst into the delivery room, slaughtering all the adults and kidnapping the infant. Every trace of this horrendous act has been destroyed and no record of the kidnapping exist.Years later, a KGB sleeper-agent discovers a super-secret file detailing a decades old plot to control the White House and is determined to reveal his discovery—the Soviet sleeper is killed before he can complete the delivery of the vital information to his CIA handler, Kevin Chapin. The sleeper-agent lives long enough to warn Chapin about a powerful mole in the American Government and how the mole's role in the upcoming Presidential elections are the key--only no one knows his name. As Chapin puts together the pieces of this terrible puzzle, his life is in danger. He discovers the final stage of the plan has started and unless he can expose the dark secret, the ruthless enemies of our country will stop at nothing to seize control of the United States.....

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