DKM : Subjects With Objects, Volume 1

Subjects With Objects, Volume 1

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Arts, Humor

For Readers Of

T. S. Eliot, Tim Powers, John Hodgman, Douglas Adams, G K Chesterton

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117 pages




Rabbit Room Press

Publication Date

June 15, 2013



About the Book    About the Author

Being a record of what happens when a shadowy public spaces painter sets up in a pub & executes spontaneous, off-kilter, stream-of-consciousness portraits at a rate of one painting per pint, then gives those portraits into the keeping of an ephemeral poet & song lyricist who places a finer point on them by distilling their essences into a line or two of unsettling, witty, & cabalistically penetrating poetic prose, the result being a tome that is one part gargoyle mixed with one part icon and in which you will likely find, DEAR READER, your soul's visage portrayed and your deepest secrets laid bare.

Such is the nature of this book.

Editorial Reviews

"The great thing about painting is that it can pack eternity into a single moment, almost as if God had finally been captured on canvas. In their collaboration Richter and DKM seem giddy to have discovered this." --Critique Magazine, James Disney

"The book is so cleverly evocative that surely you will want to enjoy the rich complex­ity of the universal, yes, universal truths that lurk in these works of art! ...This is one of the most creative book projects I’ve seen in a long time." --Margie Haack, Notes From Toad Hall

"Strange. Wise. Weird. Insightful.I've never read anything quite like it. I've read it cover to cover several times and each time I've smiled a little wider, scratched my head a little harder, and wondered why everyone doesn't have this thing on their own end table waiting to delight, amuse, and mystify." --Amazon Reviewer, A. Peterson

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