D. Frank Green : 2047: Hell In A Handbasket

2047: Hell In A Handbasket

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Politics & Current Events, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A.G. Riddle, Joe Hart, Hugh Howey

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George Gwinnett wasn't your average corporate executive running a billion dollar mercenary business. When his best friend offered him the Vice Presidency, he gained control of the world's most powerful weapon but now stood in the cross-hairs of powerful interests around the world. His thirty-year-old daughter Sarah recently left the military with her reputation as a stone-dead killer intact and continues within George's company. Protecting her from Ed Gordon, a young reporter making a name for himself, became a full-time job for Gwinnett and she doesn't help. Gordon comes closer to revealing the truth, George makes battle plans to protect the U.S. and Sarah runs QuellCorp as a private army. And then it all goes to hell in a handbasket and the world changes.

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