Devorah Fox : Naked Came the Sharks

Naked Came the Sharks

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Fiction, Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry, Randy Wayne White, J. R. R. Tolkien

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Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc.

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December 14, 2013



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One of IndieAuthorland's top Self-Published Thrillers Worth Reading (2013/14).

Chasing her dream of becoming an investigative reporter in San Francisco, Holly Rivera Berry has to return to her hometown of Bonafides on the Texas Coastal Bend to settle her recently deceased father’s estate. She discovers that just before he died her father researched the possibility that via an old Mexican land grant the Rivera family owns The Gap, a natural channel to the Gulf of Mexico. Land speculators plan to erect luxury homes, resorts, hotels, and a casino along The Gap and Holly comes to doubt that her father died of natural causes. The more she investigates, the more things don’t add up. One by one her allies fall victim to fatal accidents and it looks like Holly might be next.

Editorial Reviews authentic page-turner. Filled with clever humor, suspense, spice, conflict, a variety of well-drawn
characters, including a parrot, and
always bright, pertinent dialogue, it deals with real social and environmental issues in a region described in perfect detail.

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