Destiny S. Harris : Don't Wait Until It's Too Late 2nd Edition

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late 2nd Edition

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Education & Teaching, Self-Improvement

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Self-help, Health, Feminism, Goals, Finance

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This book is written from my perspective, at the age of 13 years old. In this book, my goal is to encourage people to make their dreams a reality and to live their life productively and on purpose. So many individuals have these big, beautiful, and unique dreams that they never do anything about, but all of these dreams are achievable if they are simply acted upon each day with faith that they can be accomplished. This book doesn't end with accomplishing your dreams and goals though; this book offers advice on a multitude of subjects that will help you to be the successful leader you were born to be in every area of your life. Make your biggest dreams your current reality! Nothing is impossible, if you simply believe. ATTACK your goals, dreams, and ambitions starting right now!

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