Dennis T. Payne : 2 Days In The Lie Of A Dead Man

2 Days In The Lie Of A Dead Man

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for the elusive killer forces him to relive his own troubled and bloody past. Kilgore has struggled to leave his memories as a soldier in Viet Nam and as a sheriff in rural West Texas behind—along with his life as a stone cold killer. Within seven days of his boss’s death, Kilgore and his buddy, a cop that doesn’t always play by the rules, find that two other victims have been brutally murdered—an employee of the attorney general and a young prostitute. In a harrowing race against time—across the desolate plains of Texas to the perilous Mexican border—on the heels of a killer, Kilgore is up against forces more evil than any he has faced in the line of fire. Knowing he is walking into a madman’s trap of almost certain death, Kilgore must call upon a few loyal—and often disreputable—friends, to help him find the killer and survive to see another Texas sunset.

Editorial Reviews

Much of the book is set in Austin, and I often drive by the location of an especially memorable scene. When I do, I look for the sheriff walking up to the door. Haven’t seen him yet, but I know he’s been around.

The descriptions, dialog, detail, and characters feel authentic, and the author’s knowledge of politics, Austin bars, West Texas small towns, and — well — firearms is apparent. Both the structure and pace of the novel make it difficult to put down. I think I read it in two or three sittings. Perfect summer reading. Goes well with either beer or bourbon.
When reading the book, I frequently imagined a movie based on it. Something like “No Country for Old Men” or maybe “Blood Simple”. I guess the book’s characters, who are all engaging in their own ways, seem appropriate for a Cohen brothers’ production. Anyway, the visual descriptions and dialog are vivid. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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