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Delphina Nova, a member of Ontario’s Eastern WoodlandsTribe, shares her dream message to help bring peace and sanity to our world. "All of life is part of the Sacred web of creation. Turtle Island, Mother Earth, is now calling for our help." explains Delphina Nova. Author, spiritual adviser, earth-empath and intuitive healer, she mentors youth and adults to follow their dreams. While staying with Navajo/Dine friends in the Four Corners of the American Southwest, Delphina dreamed Turtle's Dream. Illustrator Curtis Yanito, a member of the Navajo Nation, has won numerous awards for his art. "It's the Creator who is the artist. I just appreciate what he's created every day. I love Nature."

Winner of the Shari Meakin Award for Best Emerging Writer, Nova is a professional member of the Society of Southwest Authors Association.