Delilah Bluette : Chieftess


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Romance, Fantasy

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J. R. R Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Garth Nix, Isaac Asimov, George R. R. Martin

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Delilah Bluette

Publication Date

October 15, 2018



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For over a century the Priestess Isles have been in a perpetual civil war as the hereditary chieftains’ squabble with the elected priestesses over who should have more power. Leilana believes her mother is merely another casualty in this conflict until someone tries to assassinate herself and her sister after they’ve fled to their homeland in the Matriarchy. To keep the peace and protect her younger sister, Leilana is forced to leave her home forever and marry a man she doesn’t love, on an island she hates, speaking a language she doesn’t know. It seems hopeless until she takes an offer she may live to regret and blood-bonds with a dangerous being in exchange for the power to control her own fate.

Kerric the Valkyrie spent his life in unwilling servitude to the Priestess' of Desire, his magic bound to their command until his soulmate freed him. Her death leaves him wretched and crushed until someone tries to murder their daughters. With every terrible skill he was taught as a Valkyrie assassin Kerric vows to hunt down the one responsible for murdering his beloved.

Serriff is a washed-up bum of a prince who hasn’t been sober since he completed his mandatory term of ten years of service in the Imperial Army. A decorated veteran of the Orchish Campaigns, the people still toast his deeds. But his talks of peace upset the merchants who prosper from the Empire of Man’s constant expansion and his grandfather, Emperor Mytis, now sees him as weak. The diplomatic assignment to The Priestess Islands was his last best chance to show that peace can be prosperous also, until it all blew up in his face.

Leishan has always been second. Second born, second in line, second choice, but now she has something no one else knows she has, something which will make her the first. First in line, first choice, first to combine and rule the two nations of the Priestess Isles and The Matriarchy since they split thousands of years ago.

Three nations scrabbling for supremacy as their rulers are disputed. Power is bought and sold with blood, lust, gold, and faith in this first book of the Maker of Fate series.  Download a sample.  Or purchase the whole book.

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