Deborah Raney : Leaving November

Leaving November

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Religion & Spirituality, Romance

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Karen Kingsbury, Jan Karon, Catherine West, Denise Hunter, Nicholas Sparks

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Raney Day Press

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September 5, 2016



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There’s one thing she’s vowed to never abide in a man…could the horrible rumors be true? Is her life repeating itself?Eight years ago, Vienne Kenney moved away from Clayburn and all its gossip to pursue a law degree in California. But now she has failed the bar exam again. Is she destined to be stuck forever, a failure—just like her father—in this tiny Kansas town? Nine months ago, Jackson Linder left Clayburn with no explanation to anybody. Now he, too, is back. He isn't sure he's ready to face the rumors and well-meaning questions of the town's busybodies. Yet he's determined, once more, to make his art gallery a success—despite the secret that haunts him every day...This novel was originally published in 2008 under the same title.

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