James Zahn : DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #1: A New Marshall Fall (Halloween)

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #1: A New Marshall Fall (Halloween)

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It's Halloween in New Marshall, and for one night of the year, ancient evil takes flight and goes largely unnoticed. While Michael, Malcolm, and Danielle are called upon to oversee an event at the Vetala Theatre, the organization is thrown into an uproar as Dominick begins making local plans that could have global consequences. Meanwhile, Palmer informs Michael of a potentially dangerous political issue; The Old Man begins a search for something that shouldn't be found; a supernatural murder/suicide takes place; and things get more than a little violent...

Editorial Reviews

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS (AICN): "The first two issues of this miniseries allowed the reader to get to know three would be crooks hoping to move up in the criminal underworld. They’ve got the skills to go far and a pretty good plan, but there’s something beneath the surface and just off in the periphery that oozes evil and the anticipation for the big satanic hoof to drop is palpable in this issue."

THE PULL BOX: GRADE A - DWTS is not your typical horror / slasher story, so leave your stereotypes at the comic book shop door.

New Marshall is a city that is at a turning point from becoming a city to becoming a metropolis, industry and big business is moving in and opportunity is through the roof. With this kind of growth, the connection between politics and crime is almost a given and the local board member might also well be a family patriarch. This is where DWTS might remind someone of a well-written gritty crime drama… bosses trying to outdo one another for territory, lieutenants trying to shine, merchandise to move and lessons to learn if you scam the wrong guy. And perhaps some protagonists that are wondering how to get out of the lifestyle, if they wanted to.
If it was just this, the writing team would still have a gem worthy of the cover price. But, you take the dark mob story and you mix in the fact that one of the bosses looking to take over the city is Abaddon (Demon lord?) and you have a story that will excite anyone who is fan of a story filled with action, crime drama, supernatural, suspense or horror.

HorrorNews.net: "... a nice mix of city life and then of course some bad ass looking monsters. So I can easily say that there is some great detail work not only on the characters but also in the background work. The cast is nice and consistent from panel to panel in each issue. The colors are vibrant and really bring the book to life. Overall some nice artwork on these two.I enjoyed these two issues and I can not wait to see how everything plays out. It’s building into a good mystery."

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