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Kicking off much like the pilot episode of a TV series, DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #0 thrusts readers right into the action in the City of New Marshall. Michael Labou, along with friends Danielle Dante and Malcolm McDermot officially work for IBVM Union Local 666. Unofficially, they're pawns in a much larger game controlled by an International crime syndicate known only as "the organization." When a person of interest suddenly disappears, the trio finds themselves called upon by their employer to track down the man, and bring him in for a face-to-face with local boss Dominick Savini. They soon learn that Peter Moore is being hunted by both man and beast.Meanwhile, a political storm begins brewing, and an ancient enemy returns to walk the streets of New Marshall.

Editorial Reviews

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS: "The story of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is a pretty good one. Bringing classic horror elements together with the mob has been done before, but some ideas are good no matter how many times you've seen it. I liked the way this story sets up the unions as this insidious organization itching to do battle with the monsters imposing on their territory... it may make a cool film." -- Ambush Bug

HorrorNews.net: "Good artwork lends itself to a building storyline that is very intriguing as it unfolds..." -- Decapitated Dan

ThePullBox.com: DWTS is a self-proclaimed combination of gritty crime and horror. It fits the bill entirely and then some. The story follows a team of three bounty hunters who at the very least are giving second thoughts to their choice in lifestyle. But there are really no other good choices when everything in the city is controlled by the mob and you are good at what you do. The story mixes not only the protagonists’s own struggle with personal morality, but also the generational shift in power of the organized crime structure and the return of a supernatural enemy of some of the organization’s patriarchs. This is a fantastic issue #0, it sucks the reader in and makes him wants more, or at the very least issue #1 right now. I would agree DWTS is a combination of crime and horror, but at least as far as this issue is concerned, it also fits into the action / adventure genre with awesome fight scenes galore! The well thought out brings DWTS way out of the horror stereotype zone.

FlamesRising: "In this prequel issue, the story is about the contrast between the harm people cause to other people, and the harm that comes from evil beyond our understanding. Told in a very cinematic style with artwork to match, we first meet Danielle, a strong female character who works with Malcolm and Michael for the Organization. Sent to “take care of business,” they hunt down a man named Peter Moore. In a typical suspense-filled mob movie, you might expect that Peter had already met an untimely death. Here’s where the story takes a supernatural turn because instead of the monsters you know–it’s the creatures you don’t" -- Monica Valentinelli

HorrorMovies.ca: "DWTS has both a great story and fantastic artwork for a real one, two punch."

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