D. C. Cowan : A Different Kind of Love (Short Story by Author D. C. Cowan)

A Different Kind of Love (Short Story by Author D. C. Cowan)

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This is one of the short stories from author D. C. Cowan. If you like this short story then you're welcome to look into more work by author D. C. Cowan, Sr such as the The Legend of the Black Rose which will be available 7/29/2014 and the Children of Kara series coming soon after. Watch our video for info about The Legend of the Black Rose and a fund raising effort that we started earlier this year.

As for this short story, Samantha Doyle is a fictitious psychiatrist who studies relationships. From Samantha Doyle:

"This story will deal with a non-sexual relationship between a male and female. These people love each other very much, similar to same gender male or female friends. No one seems to understand this different kind of love. This story is based on two patients and all the problems that have arisen because of being this way. The story is about a pastor, a jealous wife, an assistant co-worker and a husband who could not understand why his wife would need the companionship of another male if it were not sexual. There are many strong moments because it is possible for a relationship of this kind to evolve. The spiritual strength of the characters keeps it under control. For some, this type of relationship is always unacceptable but to deny a partner his friends is as or maybe more dangerous than letting the relationship persist."

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