DC Bianchino : Chronicles of Connections 1976 - 2013

Chronicles of Connections 1976 - 2013

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The purpose of this work is to share visions. You might enter this work with an open mind and try not to look at it as only one person's experience. Throughout time many around the world have experienced guidance with the same intent of Spirit. I believe in a collective consciousness. Because my visions are so powerfully received, I am compelled to share them and feel they belong to us all. The revelation of the visions and the messages herein, however they might be interpreted, are the gift of my life's work. It is both an effort and an honor to add to and bring upto- date the connection we have to the Spirit speaking to us now, guiding us to understand what is going on and why. The visions and the events that follow are in correct order and were not influenced by mood changing or mind-altering drugs. A second purpose is to introduce a pipe I was inspired to produce in 1977. It lights from the bottom. It suggests thinking in a new direction -- that it's never too late to turn ourselves around. It is said the stem of a pipe reflects male energy, and the bowl, female energy. When the two come together, a spark is born. The spark ignites into flame, burning whatever is inside the bowl. Finally freed through Smoke, a perfect balance of male and female energy occurs. It seems to be a working analogy of our transformation and ultimate parity. Also, this pipe is being called “The New Sacred Peace Pipe” by the Huron Wendat. I also wish to share a symbol called “The Path”. This symbol came to me during the fall of 1997. I offer this book as inspiration and encouragement to feed the Shadow Radiant Food, honoring the dark side of our nature, feeding it with Love and Understanding, realizing its place in the fulcrum of balance. It is up to us. It's our Song!!

~DC Bianchino

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