David W Litwin : MLK2.0 - The Steps Needed to Make YOU the Next Great "World Shaper."

MLK2.0 - The Steps Needed to Make YOU the Next Great "World Shaper."

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Do you have what it takes to be a "World Shaper?" Could YOU become the world's next MLK?

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to more than just a tribe or faction. He spoke to humanity. His ideas and words transcended political lines, religious divides, economic classes and ethnic differences. He didn't just change culture. He changed history. Today, most people are content just speaking to their own tribes and bases; making little ripples in their own worlds. But I don't believe MLK is alone. I believe with all my heart, that YOU have an inherent idea, placed inside you by a loving Creator, that can impact and transform the world.

More than just becoming recognized or famous, this book has been crafted to help YOU become a World Shaper. More specifically, it is about becoming, cultivating and broadcasting your WORLD SHAPING IDEA.

Many people I know have been given world shaping ideas. As I spend time with others, I have helped them shape and define these ideas. I am writing this book because I believe that you have been destined with at least one “world shaping idea.”

Am I right in my hypothesis, that you have world shaping ideas hidden at your core as well? I will never be sure. After all, how could I prove it? But that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your social or economic status might be, or how much influence you have or don’t have at the moment. If you were to generate a world shaping idea, the broadcast mechanisms to get it out to the masses are available to you today. This book will help show you who to become and then how to broadcast ideas that can truly change the world. This book is about making you, MLK2.0.

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