David W Litwin : Addiction's Tipping Point

Addiction's Tipping Point

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Addiction is a mutli-headed hydra plaguing tens of millions of Americans. Each year, it wraps its foul and constricting scales around more and more individuals, across our nation, and now increasingly, across the world. Based on the statistics, it is probable you have faced addiction at some point in your life, whether having experienced it personally or through loved ones or acquaintances that have suffered under its choking weight.

To uncover and expose the nature of addiction is to attack it at its source. It requires us to connect dots many claim cannot be connected. Addiction is not merely a disease; it is a strategy. Understanding the specific tactics of the strategy, and ultimately its architect, allows us to take control, not merely of addiction, but also the Addiction Producing Actions causing the personal, relational, social, and fiscal destruction and loss.

Presenting a powerful expose while avoiding the standard “moral” pitfalls, Addiction’s Tipping Point exposes just how and why addiction is (and will continue to be) on the rise, and how our progressive and tolerant society is unintentionally fueling the fire. It crafts a new paradigm of thought by revealing how the important differences between your “body” and your “self” are causing people to “become their addictions.” Finally, it uncovers how our modern technological advancements allow addiction to “tip” more frequently, and why addiction will continue to ravage society if we continue in our current technological direction.

A change in the statistics of addiction requires a change in lifestyle, personally and collectively. Drastic societal change will not occur out of a sense of moral “rightness,” it must broadcasted a manner that is well reasoned, applicable and empathetic. Addiction’s Tipping Point provides you with a deeper understanding of addiction and its tactics - insights that will benefit you personally and help you better influence your relational and social circles.

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