David Molnar : iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS

iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS

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About the Book    About the Author

I believe we all have an important story. If you don’t capture your story, who will? Maybe no one. And that’s why:

The best camera in the world is the one that’s always in your pocket.

This eBook will teach you two of the three MOST IMPORTANT lessons to get UHHHMAAZZZZING photos every time with your iPhone:

1. How to take manual control of your iPhone camera.

2. How to create strong composition.

3. How to edit to recreate the feelings you felt when you took the photo. (Only in the full version)


iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS is a condensed version of my full book iPhone Only Photography that comes out very soon!

Editorial Reviews

“The steps David outlined were practical, easy, intentional. I’m already getting more compliments on my photos.” —Jeff Goins, Author, The In-Between

“I’ve known David for eight years, and he is incredibly punny, an okay volleyball player, and an expert in iPhone Only Photography.” — Jeremy Cowart

"David Molnar has turned my Instagram feed into an art gallery with his photos. To think he shoots it all with an iPhone is unfathomable. But now he's sharing his secrets with the world. This is a must-have resource in our image-driven world." — Ben Arment, creator of STORY

"David has the rare combination of being as talented a teacher as he is a photographer. His amazing work speaks for itself, but what you may not know is how he is happiest when sharing his knowledge. This book not only teaches what you need to know about iPhone photography, it shares a new way to celebrate the small moments in life." — Alli Worthington

“Even as a professional photographer I’ve still learned something new on every page in David’s book.” — Zach Gray

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