David Mark Brown : Hiberverse Primer

Hiberverse Primer

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Elmer Kelton, Jim Butcher, Mike Resnick

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160 pages


Fiction Vortex

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We were human, once.

When humanity discovers a universal element capable of assuming any natural characteristic, the possibilities unleash a destiny limited only by our darkest dreams.

The Hiberverse is the first “serial box” for the serial fiction startup, Fiction Vortex. (http://www.fictionvortex.com) The brainchild of a ragtag, vanguard of indie authors, Fiction Vortex emphasizes imagination and fun. Tired of industry standards, we've decided to no longer take crap, so you don't have to read it.

Serial boxes are collaborative universes doled out via weekly episodes--each a jam-packed story boiled down to its juiciest goodness. Multiple authors and multiple serials means constant content pouring from lavish, continually-evolving story worlds. Read on your own, or participate in the collaboration. This Hiberverse primer includes the first episodes of: Brunning Divide, Blighted Aura, Extinction Force and Ranger's War.

Our initial boxes are the Hiberverse and Schism 8, but we'll be launching more throughout 2016 based on reader feedback. So pour yourself some serial fiction and read along. Reading serial boxes isn't just for Saturday morning anymore!

Current serials include:


  • Brunning Divide
  • Blighted Aura
  • Extinction Force
  • Ranger's War

Schism 8:

  • Lost DMB Files
  • The Green Ones
  • DMB Files
  • Relic Hunters

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