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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Elmer Kelton, Jim Butcher, Mike Resnick

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Noncritically acclaimed genre author, David Mark Brown, writes fun stories about flawed characters that commonly get shot and exploded.

Having been labeled master of the tightly-focused action scene and lord of diabolical dialogue, DMB has turned his double-barreled literary genius toward the familial relationship. Blasting relationships apart with all the subtle grace of a two-bit thug sticking up a Kwik-E-Mart, he deftly stitches them back together without losing sight of tightly paced plot lines. Ranging from pulp western to dystopian to cyberpunk, DMB’s stories explore over-the-top worlds full of anti-heroes, complex villains, telekinesis, biohacking, conspiracy theories, shootouts and explosions. Become an insider DMBerd to get all sorts of exclusive content and screaming deals. Above all, enjoy the show!

DMB PRIMER LIBRARY may contain horse meat as well as the following: De Novo Syndrome: (Biothriller) When Jim Buckner's research to unlock human immortality thrusts his daughter into the cross-hairs of a secret war, he'll do anything to get her back--including evolve.

The Green Ones, Episode One: (Dystopian) For the telekinetic youth of New Teotihuacan's Worker City there are two choices: an enslaved life or a free death. By sixteen, everyone must choose.

Gridiron 2029: (Football Cyberpunk) Injuries, drugs and biohacking threaten the future of football. An unwitting instrument of espionage and subterfuge, CK Campbell must protect those who would ruin him in order to preserve the game he loves.

The Lost DMB Files: (Pulp Western) Some conspiracies remain theories. Others become obsessions. Exhumed 100 years after their penning, the Lost DMB Files will reinterpret the way you see the world, or the way it sees you. The truth shall set you free.

Editorial Reviews

"Sergio Leone would have killed to film Fistful of Reefer. Harry Turtledove would admire the way history has been skewed. Others will love the notion of the Lost DMB Files. The estimable Mr. Brown has really latched onto something here.”

~ Mike Resnick (The Godfather of Weird Western)

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