David J. Rollins : Angry Edenites No. 1 - The Preacher

Angry Edenites No. 1 - The Preacher

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Humor, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Robert Rankin, Robert Sheckley, Robert Kroese

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108 Pages




Quill Kill Publishing

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About the Book    About the Author

Requiem is a new preacher in the small town of Wonderville, and he can actually perform miracles, or at least one miracle, which he refuses to do purely out of principle.

When his new parish isn't receptive to his talents, however, it's only a matter of time until they hire a Killer Deacon to get rid of him.

Can the mysterious Broken-Throated Advocates help, or will Requiem prove himself in time to the small-minded members of his congregation?

Read The Preacher and find out!

Editorial Reviews

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"This humorous science fiction novel gets a gold star for
imagination and for a very entertaining, whimsical book with loads of
allegory . It's snarky and sarcastic and for some reason it I get the
feeling the author is a fan of Phillip Dick. Gpangel (Amazon Review of
The Sales Crime Policeman)

"I certainly wasn't expecting a novelette that had me talking about
it all weekend to everyone who would listen! David Rollins has created a
quirky, sick, but totally enjoyable world in the Sales Crime Policeman "
(EM Havens Blog Review of The Sales Crime Policeman,

"I found it amusing and entertaining. I would recommend it to a lot
of people. I like the characters and the world created. My favourite was
actually the short story at the end. Enjoyable all round!" Tom Vaus
(Goodreads Review of Mannequins in the Audience)

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