David D. Fitzgerald : An Angel Behind Black Curtains

An Angel Behind Black Curtains

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History, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Historical Fiction, Diana Gabaldon, Dan Brown, Petra Durst-Benning, Helen Bryan

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Karla is a typical young German girl. She enjoys the typical things that girls her age enjoy, dancing, theater, skiing and boys. The only thing that sets her apart from all the others is the fact that her father is the Leader of the German Reich, Adolf Hitler. She loves to ski at Berchtesgaden at the family home there, and enjoys all the privilege and accommodations due her status in the Reich. Her mother, Hitler's loyal mistress Eva Braun, has raised her in the splendor of the Third Reich and has seen to her every need. Even a status as prestigious as this is not without its dangers. Karla endures many hardships along the way, including the bombing of Munich, her first experience with Jewish prisoners and the fear of Germany's defeat. As time goes on, she learns more about the darkness about to befall the Reich that was to stand for a thousand years. By her 12th birthday, she has been submerged into Hitler's subterranean world beneath the Reich chancellery. It is there that her mother decides to save her life from the family suicide that Hitler has planned for them all. She makes a decision that will shake the bunker. She sends Karla off with the man who has served as their personal driver since before Karla's birth, Jan Helmbrecht, an officer in the SS. It is on this harrowing escape through occupied territory, in an effort to get to safety that Karla learns of Jan's true status, an identity that will shake the very foundations of her soul. Hers is a story of power, war, intrigue, betrayal and self discovery. One that will carry her from the decadent and power ridden halls of the Reich Chancellery to the place she would call home after the war. It's a story about a girl's innocence, a dictators brutality and a father's dedication to his child.

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