David Boyle : The Piper

The Piper

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The Real Press

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December 2015



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It is the summer of 1990 – the 80s boom time is fading, the satanic abuse panic rages – and one strange market town, unchanged for decades, suddenly and disastrously runs out of money. The crisis brings together the mayor, the townsfolk and a mysterious stranger who sets out to help turn the town’s fortunes around. No one really knows anything about the enigmatic newcomer or why he wants to help – not until the truth unfolds with catastrophic consequences.

This is a unique tale of how things change over the passage of time: of families torn apart by WWII; the explosion of money and clone towns; growing up, and buried secrets and psychological trauma caused by them. It is also a Pied Piper story for our own times, examining the frailties of the modern economy and the unique phenomena of local currencies.

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