David Blake : The Slaughtered Virgin of Zenopolis

The Slaughtered Virgin of Zenopolis

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Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Tom Sharpe

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Detective Inspector Capstan investigates a murder at Bath's almost famous Basin Museum, a hapless armed robbery, the theft of ancient Roman weaponry and the answer to “one across” in the local newspaper. Meanwhile, the city is under threat of Roman invasion and their leader, Becky Philips, is taking no prisoners.

Editorial Reviews

"A well-observed comic novel that is actually, genuinely, laugh-out loud funny."

Stevie O'Connor, Amazon.co.uk

"Absurd comedy of the style Douglas Adams used to grace us with has been in short supply since he left for what has been, I must say, an unreasonably long tea time. Though many have attempted to fill in during his absence, this work comes closer than anything I've since read without sounding like it's specifically trying to fill those sweaty, beer-soaked loafers."

Clifford Hall, Amazon.com

"A fast read that will almost certainly have you laughing out loud! It's witty, sarcastic, politically incorrect and sexy in a hysterically funny way!!!! You are left wondering what in the world our crazy heroine will get up to next!!!! It's just a sheer blast of fun and solid laughs!!!"

JRTLVR, Amazon.com

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