David Beers : The Devil's Dream, Book One

The Devil's Dream, Book One

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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thriller, horror, Stephen King, John Connolly, Dean Koontz

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The First Book in The Best Selling Thriller Series!

He'll raise the dead, at all costs... Perhaps the smartest man to ever live, Matthew Brand changed the world by twenty-five years old. In his mid-thirties, he still shaped the world as he wanted, until a few cops gunned down his son on the street. Brand's life changed then. He forgot about bettering Earth and started trying to resurrect his son. Eventually, Brand's mind even overpowered death's mysteries; he discovered how to bring back the dead--he only needed living bodies to make his son's life possible again. Why not use the bodies of those who killed his son? In the largest manhunt the FBI's ever experienced, how do they stop a man who can calculate all the odds and stack them in his favor?

Editorial Reviews

What are readers saying?

  • "In a word...amazing."
  • "The entire time I read this story I kept wondering if David Beers is friends with Stephen King and Joe Hill."
  • "Chilling."
  • "So the book goes, whipping the reader first this way and then the other until you can't turn the page fast enough."

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