Dave Branon : Stand Firm (Sample)

Stand Firm (Sample)

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Discovery House

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July 1, 2014



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The book of Philippians may be 2,000 years old, but throughout its pages Paul gives us clues about living that are just as valid for us today as they were for the believers in the ancient city of Philippi. “We need to hear from a guy who was beaten, jailed, shipwrecked, threatened, and mistreated due to his allegiance to Jesus as he tells us how to stand firm and experience peace,” says author Dave Branon.

Digging into the meaning and teaching of Paul’s letter, Stand Firm

  • Provides easy-to-read and engaging narrative
  • Challenges Christians to secure their faith and experience God’s peace
  • Includes questions for personal reflection and discussion

Featuring 48 life lessons written in a down-to-earth style, this creative commentary-and-devotional combination brings clarity to Scripture and challenges us to be grounded in Christ no matter what happens in life. Perfect for individual or small group study.

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